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Why not try? Free promotion on ‘TEA’

Hello all as a self published author it’s hard to make your books visible so for now TEA is still on promotion and totally free as an Ebook from Amazon. Just search for storm series Alan Scott and you will find. It’s a book that is about an unlikely friendship of  2 characters from the storm series.
Every little helps when trying to get your books seen. It could be a review or a person who knows someone who knows someone who has a position or a link with a publishing house or literary agent. So without begging as that’s not a pretty sight please have a look and a flick through the pages of this short story and let me have a reviews.
Writers carry on for the love of the pen hitting the paper or for me as the key I press becomes visible on the screen. I will endeavour to continue my love of writing and to forge forward to continue to try to get my books out there.


TEA will be on free for the next 5 days if you want to know some of my style of writing down load my short story ‘TEA’. A beautiful story of an unlikely friendship between a gay tailor and a werewolf. Part of the storm series.


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Chart position on amazons for TEA, still on free promotion to download

So pleased that some people have downloaded TEA a short story about a unique and unusual friendship. Friendship that shows that people who are different can be special friends.

If you like fantasy books this is a short story that is about to characters from th storm series books. It shows a gay tailor and a dangerous werewolf being friends over a cup of tea.


Still on on promotion to download until Friday. If you do download please leave a review.


Why not try? Free promotion on ‘TEA’

TEA will be on free for the next 5 days if you want to know some of my style of writing down load my short story ‘TEA’. A beautiful story of an unlikely friendship between a gay tailor and a werewolf. Part of the storm series.


For the love of my cat muse/or a great marketing helper

Kobe the cat has become my model to promote my books in a slightly off the wall way. I think I am going to have to do a tag line in all I do and feature Kobe, it seems everyone loves a cute cat and so its worth a go. Yes I know its possibly wrong to prostitute my cat to get me visibility but they do say less dog and more cat in marketing world. So I introduce Kobe my ‘MUSE’ or my marketing prop. I do pay him in catnip and many treats as well as ear scratches. So in actual fact WHO IS USING WHO?

TAGLINE: Hello humans,Kobe the cat here, I would just like to say that you should read my chief ear scratchers novel called ‘Echoes of a Storm’ as its simply pppuuuuurrrrect. Thank you Kobe the cat.

P.S any publishers out there you should sign him up as your next best selling author. An advance of a box of kitty nibbles, 3 pouches of catnip and a small fluffy toy will secure him.P1130803

kobe the author



Scott, Alan: The “Y” Front Standoff (The Y-Front Chronicles) (2014)

Great review for the Y Fronts Chronicles by Alan Scott
Its fabulous when people leave reviews and the hope is that more will see the positives regarding this writer and either recommend a literary agent or publishing house who will have faith.


Artist: Saskia Schnell Illustrator: Saskia Schnell

Once again Alan Scott serves us a plateful of humour with a dash of serious. OMG, that talk-show. “Women Who Bitch With Other Women” remind me of some very popular talk-shows that definitely do not have ASD’s in mind. “Next season’s must-have fashion accessory!” indeed.

Once again, the idiotic government wants to kill their once-upon-a-time tool. This is one of the worst thing about governments around the world. For heavens sake, let SCoT-1 get his well-deserved revenge instead of wasting unnecessary lives trying to stop an unstoppable person – especially with Terminal Flatulence on his side.

I laughed. Out loud. Definitely recommended.

The “Y” Front Chronicles available at
My review of The “Y” Front Chronicles

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Always refreshing to try something new

Another side to me is that I like Sci fi and decided to have a go at writing a rather dark/humorous Sci Fi book and here it is:





‘The Y Front Chronicles’ is set in the year of our Lord 3256, and is the diary of a born killer on the run from the authorities

The diary details his nine month stay on board a Starship, his thoughts on his past, present and future, his lovers, his hamster, daytime TV, the adult film industry, and his constant search for a pair of comfortable underwear.

For more information and updates search Facebook for ‘EchoesOfAStorm’ or visit my website

For more information on the cover artist visit





The Y Front Standoff is a short story (set in the year 3259) which continues the story of SCoT-01 now that he is back on earth. It is set a year after the events of “The Y Front Chronicles” but can be read as a standalone story.

This darkly humoured story features everyone’s favourite day time TV show ‘Women Who Bitch With Other Women’ and of course the killer robotic hamster ‘TF’

Although written in a (hopefully) humorous way, the underlying political and social comments are very deliberate.

I hope you enjoy

The Storm Series


‘Echoes of a Storm’ is the first book in the ‘Storm Series’, and sets the scene and tone for this powerful bittersweet trilogy.

This dark, gritty, fantasy novel explores many themes such as, relationships, loss, power, prejudice and ultimately, the true ‘monster’ that lurks inside of us.

The book is initially set within a small mountainous and forest covered kingdom called Zarekland, which lies within the continent of Talocants, and follows two girls named Kathleen and Jane.

However, as you plunge deeper into the book, secrets will be relieved, battles will be fought, lives will be brutally cut short or changed forever, and the land of Talocants will open up before you, revealing Monsters, Werewolves and Witches 421537_472334426149368_634467354_n


‘Scions of the Storm’ is the second instalment in the ‘Storm Series’ trilogy, and covers the next sixteen years of this epic tale. It continues the tales of Kathleen and Jane, and their now separate journeys.

Kathleen has survived her trials and is now Queen of the Twin Kingdoms. She is happily married to Karl Rothgal and has two children by him – Jack, the eldest, and Rebecca, their younger daughter.

From the outside, all seems well; however, lurking in the shadows is the mysterious and extremely dangerous Solomon Pace, a man who definitely has his own agenda and plans for the Twin Kingdoms and their young rulers.

Meanwhile, Jane is now living with the witch, Jennifer, in the Granite Mountains and is coming to terms with her fate. She is the one foretold by prophecy to kill the vile creature known as the ‘Midnight Man’; however, she is torn by a terrible dilemma – to kill the Midnight Man, she also has to kill her best friend’s father, for they are one and the same person.

For the first time in the series, hints are revealed about the two deadly, but hidden, forces that are using the Twin Kingdoms as a pawn in their eons old game of domination. War is coming to the Twin Kingdoms, but can Kathleen and Jane work out who to trust and who the actual enemy are before it is too late?

As ‘Scions of the Storm’ draws to an end, it prepares the reader for the final episode of this dark bittersweet trilogy and sets the groundwork for the final story, ‘A Dark and Hungry Storm.’

Below are the opening three paragraphs; enjoy:

The creature slowly dragged itself out of the cold dark waters where it had hidden for the past two days and nights. Badly hurt, it had needed time to recover and a place to hide from the hunters. The cold water had sapped its strength and drained it of its ability to heal quickly – hence, the now desperate need to gain dry land. Dry land! With the rain falling from black heavy clouds, which hid the moon, the land could hardly be called ‘dry’. A gentle smile spread across its lips at the irony.

The creature dragged itself into the cover of sparse trees and collapsed; even its iron will and constitution was starting to give out. “No!” it snarled, it would not lay down and die. It carried on, slowly crawling forward until… yes, there it was, the scent of blood. After a moment’s hesitation, it made its way as fast as it could towards the source of the scent. It desperately needed to feed.

A slow and painful half-an-hour later, it found the torn and mangled body, the man’s useless sword lying next to him. The creature sniffed the air and listened. Just there, hidden in the dark shadows of the trees – two of them, and by their scent, they were young ones newly bonded to this world… 41HFaolmbNL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_


‘A Dark and Hungry Storm’ is the third and final instalment in the ‘Storm Series’ Trilogy, and draws this classic tale to an end.

Jack Rothgal desperately attempts to fulfil his destiny and become the Ultimate Spirit Warrior and regain the Twin Kingdoms for his little sister. Deep within her Palace in the city of Deep Lake Queen Rebecca Rothgal works tirelessly to protect the Twin Kingdoms against all threats; including her big brother.

And as the Rothgal family feud rages, the Year of Blood fast approaches and the hidden forces hinted at in ‘Scions of the Storm’ finally make themselves known and nothing will be the same again.

Meanwhile, in a forest in the far north of the kingdom, something long thought dead stirs and stretches, as a demonic and chilling sound emits from his heavily scared face. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

For more information and updates search Facebook for ‘EchoesOfAStorm’


Reasoning behind beginning to write

I have always been a huge fan of dark fantasy in all its wonderful forms since I was small boy. I suppose it all stems from the love of fairy stories – not the family-friendly fairy stories of Disney, but the dark gothic tales of the Brothers Grimm, and Celtic and Scandinavian myths.

One of my favourite childhood memories (aged about 10) was sitting in the shed at the bottom of the garden, reading my book of dark fairy tales. Occasionally glancing out the window and through the rain (it was Scotland, after all) to the tree-covered mountains, I would wonder what creatures and monsters lived up there. I may be dyslexic, but I always had an excellent imagination.

I suppose it was during this time that the seeds of ‘Echoes of a Storm’ started to take root. Anyway, fast-forward twenty-nine years later – I’ve grown up, served in the RAF for twelve years, and was in the process of getting divorced when I decided to write for the first time since secondary school.

But what to write? For years, I had this image of a man walking away in the rain and a woman crying. But why was she crying and who was he? It took me awhile to work out what had happened, but once I had, I quickly wrote the prelude.

Next, I needed to work out where the book and trilogy was set. I decided on a fantasy world, loosely based on Europe in the Middle Ages where forests and mountains are dangerous places to roam, countries go to war as kings try to carve out kingdoms whilst the common man tries to live his life as best he can, and stories of monsters and demons are told round campfires.

I knew straight away what the book was going to be about – ‘Echoes’ is simply about fathers and daughters, and the fear every father has about protecting his daughter from the wicked and evil world. I also knew that I wanted to write ‘Echoes’ from an adult male’s perspective for two very good reasons:

1. I am an adult male (44 at the time of typing)

2. The book is about fathers trying to protect their daughters, so needed a masculine feel.

Since I already knew that the Queen’s bodyguard was a werewolf (it was part of the prelude), I wanted to add a small twist, so I thought I would rename Werewolves to Dev’ver. This has actually proven to be a good decision, as it’s allowed me, over the course of the trilogy, to introduce new ideas and storylines around the Dev’ver and their opposite numbers.

So, in summary – ‘Echoes of a Storm’ is a dark, gritty, adult fairy story with strong adult themes and storylines, and I would highly recommend you read it! But then again, I would.

Introducing the Author

About Me

Alan Scott was born and raised on the West Coast of Scotland, and returns regularly to top up his accent. He joined the RAF in 1989 and travelled the world, where he met the wicked and the witless, as well as the kind and thoughtful. He left in 2001.

Having been a lifelong avid reader of dark fantasy and good (really bad) pulp fiction, he finally decided to conquer his dyslexia and try writing his own, using his treasured homeland and love of music for inspiration.

With the help of a proofreader in Texas, USA, and an illustrator from Berlin, Germany, he has created ‘The Storm Series’, which currently consists of a trilogy of novels and two books of short stories. He is fan-friendly and welcomes all comments and reviews of his work. Search Facebook for Echoesofastorm for his homepage.

Alan’s greatest writing achievement so far is to have one of stories “Deadly Tap of a Cane” chosen by WorldReader for use by them. This charitable organisation ( aims to help spread ebooks and literacy in developing countries. The way they work is that they take tablets and kindles and they load them up with ebooks and learning materials, and then they send them to schools in developing countries. They’re a really great organisation and are backed by all the big publishing houses.

He still cannot help but smile when he sees that his work has been downloaded in as faraway places as Japan and Brazil. Alan is currently working on another book of short stories for the Storm Series.

You can find his books on Amazon by searching “the storm series alan scott” or visit his website http://www.alankscott.com421537_472334426149368_634467354_n

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